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Honor Roll of Family Veterans, Birth and Death Dates, Branches of Service, and Known Military Dates of Service

Phillip Andrew Robbins, 1990-; Active US Army Reserves; College Student, Oklahoma, 2008-2009; son of Charles Anthony Robbins, Regina Pearl Wilder Robbins Russell, and Teri Lynn Hefley Ashbrook Robbins; grandson of Kenneth Charles, Una Patricia Munsey Robbins, and Linda Sue Hollingsworth Littlejohn Robbins.

Michael Jason McNabb, 1987-; Active US Army, COS Speicher, Iraq, 2008-2009; son of Carey Michael McNabb and Nancy Lynn Robbins Schmitz McNabb Sullivan; grandson of Albert L. Bud McNabb, Betty Soehnholz McNabb, Kenneth Charles Robbins, Una Patricia Munsey Robbins, and Linda Sue Hollingsworth Littlejohn Robbins.

Elizabeth Dawn Littlejohn Key, 1967-, US Army Veteran, 2002-2003, Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC and Defense Language Institute, Monterrey, CA, daughter of Linda Sue Hollingsworth Littlejohn James Donald Littlejohn, and Kenneth Charles Robbins; granddaughter of James Marvin Littlejohn, Connie Fae Foster Littlejohn, Catherine Lea Littlejohn, Kermit King Hollingsworth, Sr., and Opal Murriel Hollingsworth.

Gary Kent Vierling, 1953-1993; US Army Veteran; son of Johnnie Addison Vierling and Maudie Cleo Powell Vierling; spouse of Deborah Hollingsworth Vierling; father of Jennifer Ann Vierling Chelf and Jeremy Alan Vierling.

Kermit King Hollingsworth, Jr. 1947-; US Army Veteran, Vietnam years; son of Kermit King Hollingsworth, Sr. and Opal Murriel Hollingsworth; spouse of Anne Louise Stapleford Hollingsworth.

James Donald Littlejohn, 1943-1985, US Navy Veteran, 1964-1966, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, USS Waddell, Long Beach, CA, San Diego Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA; son of James Marvin Littlejohn, father of Elizabeth Dawn Littlejohn Key, Kristen Elaine Littlejohn Dunn, James David Littlejohn, and Susan Deann Littlejohn, spouse of Nelda Wolfe Littlejohn, and former spouse of Marialice Sitton Littlejohn and Linda Sue Hollingsworth Littlejohn Robbins.

Kenneth Charles Robbins, 1932-, Korean US Air Force Veteran, 1953-1955; served at Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX; Ellington AFB, Webster, TX; loadmaster on C-125 in the Canadian Arctic and in Panama; son of William Augustus Robbins and Fannie Harriet Robbins; former spouse of Una Patricia Munsey; spouse of Linda Sue Hollingsworth Littlejohn Robbins; father of Charles Anthony Robbins, Warren Bradley Robbins, and Nancy Lynn Robbins Schmitz McNabb Sullivan, Elizabeth Dawn Littlejohn Key, Kristen Eliaine Littlejohn Dunn, and James David Littlejohn.

Lewis "Louie" Key, 1925-1980; WWII 1941-1945; received the Bronze and Silver Stars and a Purple Heart for injuries received in Germany during WWII in the US Army; son of Harry H. Key and Mrs. Harry H. Key; spouse of Betty Lou Long Key; father of John Lewis Key and daughter.

Richard Rich Henry Boehning, 1920-; WWII 1942-; enlisted in the Warrant Officers Branch as a Private in New York City with one year of college, single with dependents, semiskilled occupation in building of aircraft, 68”, 143 lbs.; son of Henry Ernest Boehning and Ruth Marion Lachmann Boehning; spouse of Ruth Love Jerkens; father of Margaret Love Boehning, Barbara Boehning Chambers, and Andrew R. Boehning; spouse Ruth Love Jerkens Boehning is first cousin of Kenneth Charles Robbins. As far as I know, Rich is our oldest living veteran at age 89, and we were privileged to visit him and his lovely wife in Tryon, North Carolina in March, 2009.

Cecil Newell, 1918-1999; WWII US Navy Veteran, 1940 Note: date is approximate; served as a WT1, Water Tender First Class, son of Richard Lusky and Alice Lucinda Willis; spouse of Mary Margaret Moulder; father of Cecil Newell, Jr., Richard Clay, Margaret Ann Anderson, and Mary Alice Morgan; uncle to sisters Lois Azalee Snow and Opal Murriel Hollingsworth’s children.

Frank Shugart Hollingsworth, 1916-1981; Corporal, WWII US Marines Veteran, 1937-1940 Note: Frank may have served longer, but record is not complete yet; served at Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA; son of James Jim William and Lula Lular Elizabeth Mason Hollingsworth; Uncle Frank was married several times; one of his spouses was named Jean; uncle to brother Kermit King Hollingsworth’s children.

William Ralph Slagle, 1915-1980; WWII US Army Air Force; served at Ellington AFB, Webster, TX; Tripoli, North Africa, and Okinawa, Asia; Uncle Ralph was career military and retired from the service as a Master Technical Sergeant; his second wife Litha Sue Hollingsworth Slagle accompanied him during his career to Ellington, Tripoli, and Okinawa; uncle to second spouse Litha Sue Hollingsworth’s brother Kermit King Hollingsworth’s children.

Ruel Edward David Snow, 1914-1993; WWII and Korea 1942-; enlisted at Fort Sam Houston as a Warrant Officer Private Rank; retired as a US Army Lieutenant Colonel Reserve Officer; spouse of Lois Azalee Snow; father of David Lusky Snow and Donald Snow; uncle to spouse Lois Azalee Snow’s sister Opal Murriel Hollingsworth’s children.

Jeryl Arthur Watson, 1912-1994; WWII US Army Veteran, 1942-1945; son of Joseph Robert Watson and Beryl R. Scott Waton; spouse of Velmina Cathelene Littlejohn Watson; enlisted at Ft. Sill, OK with four years of college, civil occupation as teacher, and married; completed the Airplane Mechanics Course at the Army Air Corps Technical School at Shephard AFB, TX; completed the course for Instructors, Airplane Mchanics at Amarillo, TX Army Air Field; Sergeant Jeryl A. Watson completed a nine month Advanced Electrical Engineering course at the Carnegie Institute of Technology on October 28, 1944; enrolled in the 60 hour Radio Repair Course at Fort Monmouth NJ Troop School; Uncle Jeryl Watson's spouse Velmina Cathelene Littlejohn Watson was a former aunt of Linda Sue Hollingsworth Littlejohn Robbins.

Daniel Andrew Hollingsworth, 1907-1987; WWII US Navy Veteran, 1942-; son of James Jim William Hollingsworth and Lula Lular Elizabeth Mason Hollingsworth; spouse of June DeGrush Hollingsworth; Note: WWII US Navy Records should be posted today, November 11, 2009 on their website but they are not up yet for hopefully more information; uncle to brother Kermit King Hollingsworth’s children.

William Augustus Robbins, 1888-1948; WWI US Army Veteran, 1917-1918, served in the California Coast Artillery for 3 years prior to 1917; registered for WWI draft at Puunene, Maui, Territory of Hawaii; served at Schofield Barracks, Territory of Hawaii with the rank of First Lieutenant; son of William Walter Robbins and Pauline Wheeler Robbins; spouse of Fannie Harriet Love Robbins; father of Kenneth Charles Robbins.

James Malachi, 1829-1922; Civil War Veteran, 1862-1865; enlisted in the Confederate States of America (CSA) in June, 1862 at Tyler, Smith County, TX and was a private until the end of the Civil War with Company K, Walker Division 22nd Texas Regiment in the Battalion as a sharpshooter in the Infantry; son of William Foster and Rachel Brady Lansdale; spouse of Henrietta Elizabeth Williams; father of John William, Richard L. (1853-1917), Benjamin Benny S., and James Frank.

There may be others in the HollingsworthRobbinsFamilyTree who served in the US Armed Forces. Please let me know if I can add anyone’s service here to honor them as active military service or as veterans. Also please let me know if you have further details of the above persons’ military records, dates, locations, or photographs that will enhance their memory. You can read more about all of these family members' lives at

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